Random Stuff

– I usually get the golf bug around this time every year. This year it is coming on with a vengeance! It is almost unhealthy. I want to play, I want to watch it on TV, I read about it on the internet, I day dream about being back in Scotland and I have read 6 Golf Books in a row. It is funny, because although this happens every year to some extent, it is ended rather abruptly by my first bad round of golf. It survived, and even intensified after the round of golf I played a couple weeks ago but could be over by the back nine of the round I am playing tomorrow. I hope not though!

– The Blazers suck. This is  good thing really (trying to stay positive) because now I don’t feel obligated to waste precious time watching them.

– I officially applied to a masters program in Energy and Environmental Management a few days ago. I will say more about this IF I get accepted and IF I can find someone to help me pay for it. Until then it will remain in the category of pipe dream.

– I want winter to be over this year. I am over it. The golf bug is a small reason, but the bigger reason? I want to ride my bike even more! The weather has been so shitty and cold that it has been really hard to decide on the bike as my means of transport recently. I still have been biking some, but I cant wait for the weather to get warmer and for the miles ridden to start really adding up!

– I’m really excited for the Masters this year!

– I also found out last week that some criteria for getting into the Professional Engineering program at OSU have changed since I last applied. If I took speech class this upcoming term, I would totally get in! This is a back up to my  oversees educational desires, but not a horrible one. It excites me that this is still an option for me.I will definitely be signing up for my old nemesis, speech class, this spring.

– Well, thats it. Have a good day!


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2 thoughts on “Random Stuff

  1. Katherine

    This blog post has now seen its one year anniversary!

  2. I was looking for ur golf story and found this. Epic!

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