In Munich right now. At the coolest hostel of the trip so far. Wombats is really nice, clean and the atmosphere is very nice. Munich is not quite what I expected. My first impression after being in Paris and especially Rome, Munich seems brand new. It is so clean, has fresh paint and seams like it is a German themed shopping center in the USA. I got out away from the central downtown area today, away from the shopping and touristy areas and it seemed more real. I took off this morning with a map and no plan (I love doing this) and walked around for hours. I took stroll through the Englischer Gardens and loved it! It was such an amazing day to take a walk through such a beautiful park. My favorite part? Coming across multiple beer gardens inside the park. I stopped at one on the central lake and had a wiessbier. So great!

From the park I pointed myself in the general direction of the Olympic park on the other side of town with no real idea of how far it was. It was far! I walked for probably 2 hours with the distant Olympic tower as my landmark. It never seemed to be getting bigger but I eventually made it. I was curious to see what they did with all the facilities used for the ’72 Olympics. They are still maintaining them and it is actually a very nice area. I checked out the Olympic swimming venue, the tennis venue and the Olympic Stadium. They are all still in use and you can join as a member to use all the facilities. How sweet would that be to join an athletic club that once hosted the Olympics??

Yesterday, I did some wandering around and went to a few churches in the morning. Went to Dachau in the afternoon which was super interesting. It was kinda weird to be at an actual Nazi concentration camp. I enjoyed it for the history, but felt bad for enjoying given the horrible things that happened there. It is amazing to me that the Holocaust could actually happen and maybe before yesterday it didn’t really seem like a real event to me. Just something I had read about and seen in movies. I don’t know, it is hard to explain. I knew it happened obviously, but it felt distant to me I guess.  After seeing where it actually took place, it hit home with me. That stuff happened and it was very very real, very very horrible and it wasn’t really that long ago. I think keeping concentration camps open for the public is a must so that people can come visit and have it hit home with them as well. Humans are capable of some brutally horrible things and remembering what we have done in the past will help us never allow that to happen again. Although I am sure that sometime in the future, somewhere in the world it will happen again. And that sucks!

So, after Dachau I needed a beer so headed straight to the Hofbrauhaus! That place is sweet and if I had been with friends, not by myself, I could see me getting in some trouble there or possibly dying from alcohol poisoning! Started off with some Wiessbier, brats and kraut. I was a bit disappointed when my beer didn’t come in a 1L mug. So, after dinner I ordered another beer this time making sure it came in the biggest glass they had. So cool and Hofbrau has some decent beer! I seriously considered having another mug, but I passed. I might not have made it back to the Hostel!

Some random Munich thoughts:

– So clean here. I guess it is one of the safest cities in Europe as well. I like it.

– I always loved the imported gummi bears and had some today from the source. Even better! American gummi bears suck!

– Decided I needed a piece of clothing purchased in Europe so I bought a nice sweater yesterday. I like it!

– Walking through the markets in most places you can smell all the food cooking. Well, the smell in Munich is the best of the trip so far.

– The subway system here is the best I’ve been on. There are stops everywhere and the stations are immaculate.

– The churches here, although still very beautiful, just don’t inspire the same awe as the ones in Rome, Paris or London. Rome being the place with the highest “wow” factor.

– I don’t like that most bars and pubs here are connected to a certain brewery. I could not find a place that had multiple breweries on tap. The guy at the hostel said that is indeed the case. Too bad.

– I took two years of German in HS, but I can’t understand a word anyone is saying unless they say a number or “the” “you” “What” or Thank you. That bums me out!

– Of all the places I’ve been so far, Germany might be the place I would like to live. England would be sweet as well, because I speak the language (still cant understand most of them) but Germany seems most like the place for me.

– Unfortunately the internet at the Hostel kinda sucks so I can’t uplaod any pictures. Go to my Facebook and check em out!

Ok, that’s enough for now!

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  1. Jeffrey

    NIce reading Eric, sounds like you really know how to site see!

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