Day 1 Paris

Made it to Paris again without incident. The traveling so far has gone very smoothly. I am attributing that to the intense preparation I did before I left 😉 Actually, a monkey could get around. It is so easy. Found the Hostel again easily.  This place is my favorite so far. Right on the canal with a view of the canal from the room and a sweet restaurant/bar downstairs. Super clean too.

I got here, plopped my stuff on my bed and immediately took off for the Seine. Most of the popular stuff is down by the river. Saw some lady eating a baguette sandwich and saw a place to get one a block later. I’m a bit of a sandwich aficionado so, I know my sandwiches and that the bread makes the sandwich. This might have been the best sandwich I have ever had because this bread was AMAZING!!

I’m a bit torn as to which city, Paris or London is more beautiful. I think I am leaning towards Paris. I will give a final verdict after walking around later tonight. All around though I definitely like London better though. Not once in London did someone try to scam me out of money or follow me two blocks begging for a couple Euros. Come on Paris, that is not endearing anyone to your city!

– went to see the Louvre. Going in tomorrow.

– Saw the Arc de Triomphe….the first half of the walk from the Louvre to the Arc is a bit like the National Mall in DC, but cooler. Then the second half is all high-end stores.

– Then walked back down to the river to see the Eiffel Tower. Pretty impressive in person, but exactly like I expected.

– Got lost for a second….its a lot harder to find the Metro station in Paris. In London it seemed a lot easier. Might be the signage. You can’t miss the London Underground sign. Another win for London.

– Went to the Cathedral of Notre Dame. It was free so I went inside. Pretty impressive!

– Came back to the hostel…writing this blog. Going to head out in a sec to see some of the stuff at night. I always like seeing cool buildings and things at night when they are all lit up.

See ya!


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3 thoughts on “Day 1 Paris

  1. Alice Miles

    Hi Eric. What are you doing your blog on. Laptop or handheld?

    • Eric Arndt

      I have a little netbook I brought along. It’s tiny and the battery lasts for like 10 hours. I love it! Didn’t know anyone besides my mom read this 🙂 Cool!

  2. Roxana Giesler

    Hey keep writing. Glad your having a GREAT time. I enjoy reading and seeing your adventure.

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